Wednesday, June 20, 2012

we don't know about Microsoft's Surface tablet

1. What will these tablets cost?
2. When will they go on sale?
3. How long will the tablets' batteries last between charges?
4. How long will it take to charge a Surface?
5. What's the screen resolution?
6. Why didn't Microsoft start taking orders?
7. How much RAM is in these tablets?
8. What's the deal with the covers? Does one come with the tablet?
9. Who will manufacture and/or assemble the Surface?
10. Does the Surface or Surface Pro support cellular wireless?
11. Can I use the USB port to expand the tablet's storage capacity?
12. Is the Surface a tablet or a PC?


  1. 11 and 12 are dumb questions - of course you can use the USB port to offload files, why would they not allow that? And to 12, the RT version is a table, and the Pro version is both

  2. Good questions. Hopefully we will find out soon.

  3. Good questions - apart from 12.

  4. The prices will be $150 and $200 respectively (4 GB RAM included). Delivery will begin on September 9, 2012. Office will be available for an extra $30 if purchased with tablet. FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY.

  5. ooops, I forgot to mention that Surface tablets have no batteries. They come with an exercise bike which produces enough electricity to run the Surface. You also get redeemable coupons for every 10 pound loss and a FREE video of Steve Jobs turning in his grave.

  6. No 12 is also a good question. MS Surfaces is basically a PC in "tablet" form

  7. Good questions, but from a bit of searching you can find answers to 2, 5 & 8 and as already said, 11 & 12 are daft questions. 11 will be a yes depending on the power requirements of the storage device & 12 is well... pointless.

  8. 1. RT is to be competitive with tablets ($600-800). Pro will be priced similarly to ultrabooks ($1200-1500)
    2. RT will probably launch at the same time as Windows 8 (October 2012). Pro should launch 3 months later, around january 2013.
    3. Probably between 4 and 8 hours.
    4. Same as a comparable tablet/ultrabook.
    5. 1280x720 for the RT, 1920x1080 for the Pro.
    6. Because they're not ready to.
    7. Probably 2GB for RT, 4GB for Pro
    8. RT will probably come without one, Pro probably will.
    9. My bet's on Samsung, they build everything.
    10. Pretty sure both will. The RT has the most chance of supporting it.
    11. The USB port is exactly that, a USB port, you can do whatever a USB port can do, including expanding the tablet's storage capacity (or plugging in a USB hub for even more connectivity).
    12. It's a PC (personal computer) in a tablet form factor.

    Some more questions:
    13. Will the Intel 4000 HD GPU that's on the tablet be enough to game at medium-high settings?
    14. Is the battery user-replaceable?
    15. What tech does the scrren use? IPS?
    16. What about sensors. GPS? Accelerometer? Gyroscope?

  9. No cellular at this time

  10. wow what a moron. that are much more important questions like.. will they come with bluetooth? if so 3.0 or 4.0 bluetooth. moron go fuck your mom

  11. 9 - the manufacturer is Microsoft itself
    10 - of course it will have cellular network